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Answers so far...

Answers to your questions and things

daneel_olivaw : Things are pretty good - I have a lot of great people in my life, although of course I'd be happy to have more. What I would like is a job, because I'm really going to end up having no money fairly soon, and I should have got sorted with a job a long time ago and my own inadequacies in that direction are weighing on me pretty heavily. What else would I change in my life? Well, I'd have you in it more often, among others. :)

the_lady_lily : I can't speak for anyone else but you scared me with your confidence. Really. ~s~

robinbloke : Today my answer is - The Marquis De Sade. "Shall we?"

bfo : Curled up with dennyd, which is a shame as I have to go home and do course-type things instead.

some_fox : It's difficult to say. Possibly nearing home after a terrible weekend, and getting near-run-down by some bastard motorcyclist, who then took his helmet off to reveal himself to be dennyd come by on his way home to give me a hug. Possibly sitting at the feet of someone I loved, watching my favourite musical, scaring kids and adults alike. There are many memories, none exclusively happy.

imago : Yes! Yes, please! And, wander round Camden and listen to music and gossip and things, I suspect.

lhiss : Until a couple of weeks ago I'd have been unsure on this, but when I was staying at ghoti and Jon's last week I got a very, very clear image of them both back through 'the ages', or at least through a few hundred years - and I was absolutely convinced of its veracity. It's not a 'past life' in the 'reincarnated as something else and quasi-random' sense, though - more a sense of the same person, again and again through the years. Um, I'm not making sense. But, yes, sort of. :)

therosewilde : Because I am useless.

velvetfox : Honestly, I don't know. You are quite a long way away, in a number of ways.

flannelcat : It was a question of no not being taken for an answer. (And yes, it was - mostly.)

childeric : No, I don't think so - it used to be absolutely dead straight when I was younger, actually. And don't you dare straighten yours! Even if you're still finding spiders in it. :)

mhw : Because it can't be real. Because I'm hideous; because I'm not worth it; because I'll screw it up. Because they don't mean it and are just setting me up so their friends can laugh. Because I'm too fat; because I'll look silly; because I'm too heavy. And so on. Why do you ask?

darkbopeep : More *amusing*? New Orleans, probably - I've never been (whereas I have been to New York) and if I did go I'd almost certainly spend the whole time looking over my shoulder watching for vampires... :)

arkady : I care. A lot. I would at any given time drop whatever I was doing and come to your side if you needed me. I think you're breathtaking to look at, I envy your skills at drawing and dressmaking but the end results make me cry, I get all fluffy over you and Diva together. I hurt for you when things go wrong and rejoice with you when they go right.
Anything else?

Can't grant anyone's wishes - in fact, daneel_olivaw is in slightly more of a position to grant his than I am - but I'll remember them for when I meet a friendly genie...

Updated to cover everyone who's asked, if you were wondering.


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