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About that poll...

arkady : Why, yes please, when are you next free? ~g~
bigme : Not my drug of choice but not a bad idea nonetheless.
zeke_hubris : That's a very good idea, although I still like mine best...
dennyd : As you wish.
velvetfox : I see no legal problem with that. ~s~
bastard : Yay! Wanton destruction is never quite as good as destruction of wantons.
typical : We'll see; but then I always say that, don't I?
rhindon : Definitely should be done.
azekeil : ...I love you, you rock. :)
reddragdiva : See response to arkady, I suspect. ~g~
hatter : Argh, again I can't, I'm seeing someone then. Sorry. Gah.
wildeabandon : I don't think anyone could argue with that. :)
robinbloke : So take time off work again! ~s~
the_lady_lily : Does sound good. We should meet up again sometime.
mhw : ~hug~ ~hug~ ~hug~ ~hug~ ~kiss~ ~hug~ ~hug~
ghoti : Theory is good. Even theory makes me squeak. :)
blu_dragonfly : Doesn't seem at all unlikely. ~grin~
amitriptyline : ~squeak~ No poking! :)
rathenar : I love you, and with how good your writing is, there's no such thing as the wrong fandom. I'd be thrilled by anything you wrote.
fluffymormegil : I'm not sure quite what you mean, but it did give me a mental image of a net trap with James Marsters in, covered in pink feathers and looking distinctly unimpressed. So thank you. :)

It's terribly entertaining how the answers to this so far are pretty much split exactly between the utterly fluffy and the thoroughly distracting. ~g~ Ladies and gentlemen, my life...


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