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So many things to say.

So, I went to visit ghoti and Jon - who are actually two of the most wonderful people in the world. I did have a good time - I had such a good time. Such a good time that I was all useless and managed not to get to the pubcrawl on Saturday night. Sorry, people. ~sigh~
Jon is...something extraordinary and special. Sometimes I wish meeting extraordinary and special people didn't sometimes have to hurt like a stick of barbed wire dipped in bleach. Eh. But most of the time, it was good and I was happy - really, occasionally crushingly happy. It was lovely.
There was also much gratuitous Jarvis.
This should happen much more often.

While I was there someone elsewhere did something that made me despair slightly. That evening I was watching music TV and a song came on; to the person whose life ambition seems to be to play "What's The Time Mr Wolf" with commitment, I say :
"I ignored all the usual signs
Not really knowing quite why
I let you decide
Aint it funny how
I'm finding out now
It makes me laugh
How I let you have your way and your say
I've got it now, so I'm asking you babe

Did I ever even cross your mind?
Cause it's not a game of who's under the thumb
I think you took me for a ride,
But I didn't see,
I didn't even realise boy that we were playing
Games of under the thumb
I think you took me for a ride -
What a waste of me."

Was useless at rathenar as well, and didn't arrive at hers until Sunday night, where there was some heartfelt talk and then the arrival of lovelyoliver and shortly after yvesilena - so I have finally met her! Yay! Yay! And thrice yay, for she is wonderful and beautiful and apart from that, which I knew, not at all how I expected. Tired early that night, and spent the next morning being woken up by lovelyoliver and tea and spontaneous bitching sessions. Which was good. And needed. :)
Spent lunchtime with rathenar and then wandered off to poke shops and see what squeaked.

Among other things that squeaked there was a Kissing The Pink 12" single on which one track was mutable into a computer program (I had no idea this was possible) and a couple of CD singles. And then I went into Forbidden Planet, and was glancing around when I happened to catch sight of their Living Dead Dolls section. I'm not overkeen on these things, they're just a bit too spooky-kid for me, but from halfway across the shop I could see that one of them was quite beautiful. I shrugged, turned away. Turned back. Something about it - I don't *like* the Living Dead Dolls, but this one really had something. Couldn't particularly see its clothes, seemed to be simply dressed in black. I gave up and went to look. It was this one. Sweet, isn't he? 35 quid of sweet. I need to get a job.

So anyway, that led to all sorts of reflection and thinking, and I've been writing a lot of things in my head that might make it to LJ soon - fiction and fiction-esque things, not, like, anything insightful or interesting. :) But that's ok because you haven't read down this far anyway.

So it's ok for me to say that I then spent the first part of the evening chatting in the pub with wildeabandon (want one), blackmetalbaz (want one) and eviltwinemma (want one) and managed to have a good conversation and no angst. And then there was a bit of angst which I was cheered up out of by wildeabandon informing me that I may have done more than just won a couple of skirmishes the other week, and that it's possible someone might be interested in me after all. I don't believe a word of it, of course, but we all need something to hang onto, don't we?

That was most of it. I'm going for a quick kittennap now, and I really can't make it back through LJ, at least not just yet, so if anyone has anything they want me to see, leave me a comment.

Sorry if I seem a little, erm, distorted, or something - it's been a funny few days and I've been reading a bit too much and I'm thinking half in squeaky kitten and half in complex pretentious fiction. ~s~ Does it show?


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