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This morning I dreamed I was involved in a murder mystery where Carol Smillie had attempted to poison Carol Vorderman with cayenne pepper but accidentally achieved the death of a Japanese schoolgirl instead. I do wonder where I get these things from.

No schadenfreude this morning. I promise.

So, plans are - today, to ghoti's, where I will stay tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully go to see rathenar and then join olithered and company for pub crawl. Which should be interesting given my not drinking and that. ~s~
Saturday night I've got no idea where I'll end up - offers of crash space gladly accepted. And likewise don't know what I'm doing on Sunday, so if anyone suddenly decides they can't live without seeing me, do let me know, I'll have my phone with me (though won't be checking e-mail).

Eh. Right, now to clean up the house. Mutter, mutter. Sigh.


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