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It's a funny old world.

And a very old world, at the moment, for some reason. All week I've been feeling like history has been subtly shifting itself to the forefront, everywhere I've been. Just in terms of buildings and streets, not personal history (well, mostly not). Maybe that's what's caused my strange state of mind. Maybe I should just blame it on sodding Cambridge. (Yes, I know, and yes, I'm still going back up tomorrow.)

So, there was a Calling. Love and love and, well, love, to robinbloke for playing the most 80s set ever to grace the face of the earth. I danced a lot. I broke a few times. At one point I had to run away from watching the dancefloor because I was in danger of losing control completely and kidnapping someone. No, really.
I broke over Vince, of course. I broke over duncanneko. I didn't break over someone I was expecting to, but broke over a couple of other people instead. There was a certain amount of brokenness flying around anyway. And not nearly enough people, and far too many.

And then there was stuff. Which was good stuff at the time, I suppose. But given that it was alcohol-induced I'm going to forget about it (snowflake's chance in hell) and if I do remember it it will be as bad stuff.
Oh, I just hate that.

Yesterday brought lunch with rathenar and lovelyoliver (I do like them both so very much) and then Once Upon A Time In Mexico with surje, wildeabandon, deliberateblank, nisaba, and melston; combine that with Johnny Depp, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas and it's a wonder my eyes didn't explode with the sheer amount of pretty. It's a very silly film. Fun, though.

And I've just got back. I'm really not looking forward to this evening.
But then, I wouldn't be looking forward to anything much right now. I'd forgotten what that place does, how it warms you to the point of feeling safe there and then throws you a punch in the stomach. Or more than one, or worse. I hurt all over, like someone beat me up while I was there. My back is agony, twisting up every ten minutes or so.
Oh well.
But it hurts.

Really haven't got time to go back through my Friends page; if you want me to know anything, leave me a comment or something.


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