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Thanks asrana! (and Chiriko)

Age- 17
The Flinstones or The Jetsons- Eh...The Flintstones was annoying, but much cleverer than The Jetsons.
Coke or Pepsi- Either. CAFFEINE....mmm....
Black or Blue- Black.
Pot or Liquor- Neither.
If you had a gun and ran into Osama Bitch Laden would you shoot to kill- Eh...I probably wouldn't recognise him, actually. Having said that, if I did recognise him, yes, I'd shoot to kill. (Although given the state of my current archery lessons I'd probably miss anyway.)
Plane or Train- PLANE! I love flying.
Coffee or Tea- Tea.
Music- Something of everything APART FROM rap, hip hop and reggae. Other than that you can usually find at least one band I like in any musical section.
Pain or Pleasure- "SATAN IS HIS NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!" Uh...~thinks~...I think...probably...pain.
Morning Person or Night Owl- Both. ~g~
Do you like Miss Cleo- Who?
What word best describes you- Um. DurAnorak.
Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Single, or Both- Single. (Dammit. 'm getting sick of this.)
Pauly Shore or Pee Wee Herman- LOL Pee Wee I think, since I've no idea who the other one is. ~ggls~
Were you meant to be the opposite sex- Yah.
If you could have your way with one-Angelina Jolie or Drew Barrymore- DREW! DREW! DREW! Oh, brother, DREW, PLEASE!!! (Neither, G? You...you boring person, you. ~g~)
If you could have your way with one-Tommy Lee or Dave Matthew- Dave Matthew as in The Band? Eep. I love his voice 'n' all, but...Tommy Lee. ("Have your way with". My "way" would be to wait until he drank himsefl to sleep and then leave quietly.)
Videos or Radio- Either.
Punch or Kick- Either.
Eat or Drink- Drink. So long as it's coke.
Notebook or typewriter- Both.
Can I enter my disk into your hard drive- It's the school's, ask them.
Suck or Lick- ~tilts head~ Eh...lick, I think.
Jerry Springer or Howard Stern- Jerry.
Ramen Noodles or Campbells- Eeeeeee. Neither. Thanks.

Out of curiosity.
Do you smoke Pot- No.
Wish- I knew how the fuck I was going to get up to Liverpool, and with I wasn't so fucking scared about it.
Butterflies or Dragonflies- Butterflies.
Fantasy or Reality- BOTH! Mix the two for instant fun.
Democrat or Republican- In English terms, Conservative. Probably further right, actually.
The Priest or the Rabbi- Rabbi Burns. ~falls about laughing~
Are you weird- Yeah, but I don't like to boast about it.
Are you a good kisser- Probably not, since it's....ewwwww.
Who rocks your world- Duran Duran. I'm sorry, but it has to be said. They do.
What's the best song of all time- It probably really is Rio, you know.
What's the one thing you can't live without- Music.
White or Black- Both together - 60s-influenced-80s-influenced-modern-romantics! Yay.
Firebird or Mustang- Eeeee. Jag. Please.
Slow or fast- Slow.
Hug or Kiss- Hug.
How do you feel right now- Panicked.

Four things you'd eat on the last day of your life:
Mum's salmon en croute
One of mum's desserts, whatever she wanted to make
A packet of S&V Discos.

Four names for an adorable new puppy:

Your four least favorite CDs from your collection:
There aren't, really. I get rid of things I don't like. Why would I buy them? Eh?

Four movies that made you think:
Velvet Goldmine. (What it made me think : "Wow, someone who looks like that actually exists.")
Labyrinth. (What it made me think : "Hey, so my dressing up and poncing around like Sarah might get me somewhere with David Bowie. Cool.")
Hedwig And The Angry Inch (What it made me think : "Yes, I really am a gay man trapped in a woman's body.")
American Pie. (What it made me think : "Oh. My god. And people find this FUNNY? The earth is doomed.")
I don't watch films much.

Four celebrities you would have sex with:
And, eh....Simon.

Four causes to which you'd donate money if you won the lottery:
To be perfectly honest, it would depend on how much I'd won whether I'd give any to charity at all.

Four vacations you have taken:
Chicago. New York. San Fran. Disneyworld. (G....don't talk about retreats "somewhere"...too XF for me...)

Four songs that frequently get stuck in your head:
Anything by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Anything by Menswe@r
I don't know! Look back through my journal and see!

Four things you'd like to learn:
How to meditate like my brother
Nick's home address

Four beverages you drink frequently:
Apple juice

Four TV shows that were on when you were a kid:
BUCKY O'HARE! ~loves loves loves loves LOVES that show~
Parallel 9
Captain Planet

Four things to do with a rubber band:
Give to my dad to bind his tapes with
Stretch until it breaks
Tie hair up with it
Write "Duran Duran" in teeny letters so when the staff put it round the travel book it shows up BIG.


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