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Survey from shadowdance

Tell me about that time you broke that law!: Oooh, which time? I've never done anything serious, though; well, nothing I couldn't plead 'helpless victim' for, not that I would.
What or who pisses you off? Eh. Most things do sometimes, y'know.
Would you rather date a sissy or a homebody? Definitely a sissy, but I can't quite hear a true punk using the word 'homebody'. Check your facts.
Sex or drugs or breaking stuff? Sex and breaking stuff. Sometimes at the same time. I do love to multitask.
The Clash or The Ramones? The Ramones. But mostly because I hate the Clash so much.
What do you think about Anarchy? I think it's a ludicrous idea. I'm an apathetic monarchist.
Tell me about a prank you played! Never done anything of the kind, I thank you.
Do you do things that are "bad for your body"? Frequently and in many different ways.
Are you in trouble all the time? Well, yes.

Do you want to die? Not just at the moment. I'm happy to be threatened, though. I said, I'm happy to be threatened, though.
What do you think about graveyards? They're beautiful and sometimes extremely atmospheric places to be. But I'm never entirely sure about poncing around in them in your best clothes.
Do you write poetry often? When it comes.
How much black clothing do you own? Lots. Around 80% of my clothes are black.
What type of makeup do you wear? Very little, most of the time.
Masochism or sadism? Well, from what perspective? Yes, anyway.
How do you feel about the rest of the world? The world? Or the people in it? ~shrug~ I'm not going to write anything nihilistic; sorry to disappoint.
Do you cry often? Oh, gosh yes.
What do you think about vampires? Well, I have a blood fetish and I like any creatures who habitually have that much style.

How messy are you in general? Thoroughly.
Do you bang your head on things repeatedly? Heh, only due to being tall.
What do you think of mullets? Well, it is a terrible, terrible hairstyle, but I do tend to give credit to anyone brave enough to sport one.
When did you start drinking alchohol? Never have.
Do you go to concerts often? Alas, very rarely.
What bands rock your pants off? I think the only bands that I could genuinely say do exactly that are Nine Inch Nails and V.A.S.T. Although there are all sorts of other bands who have completely different effects, of course.
What do you think about violence? Non-consensual violence is a terrible thing however it starts.
Who or what makes you homicidal? ~shrug~ Felt like killing someone this morning. But I don't get genuinely homicidal very often these days. I don't know though.
Worship Satan or practice black magic? I'll leave both to the people it works for.
How wild are you in general? In general, not terribly, I guess. I don't know. More kind of squeaky than wild really. :)

Are you wearing any clean clothes right now? Yes.
How often do you do the laundry, anyway? Eh, when it needs doing.
Do you wear flannel shirts a lot? The horror. No. And I shot Kurt Cobain, by the way.
When was the last time you showered? This morning.
Do you speak clearly? Yes. And by the way, I shot Kurt Cobain.
Are you a lazy person? In certain ways. A lot of certain ways. :)
Do you play any instruments? Yes - technically apart from the singing I can sort of play the piano and flute as well. Badly.
Who or what do you rant about a lot? I've probably ranted about most things at some point. ~s~
Empathy or Sympathy? They both have their place.
What do you think about Nirvana? Like I said, it was me.

What makes you different from the rest of them? Well, I'm a foot taller than most of the rest of them. Otherwise...eh. Nothing in a particularly indie way. And anyway, indie is mostly about being the same as the rest of them.
Who or what makes you bitter? People who think Radiohead and The Smiths are the best bands ever. :) Among other things.
What was the last big decision you made? Eh, deciding to go see Duran this morning was harder than it should have been. Still. Yay! John Taylor, man!
Are you a happy-go-lucky type of person? Hardly.
What do you think about conformity? Taken to either extreme it's a bad thing.
How hard do you work to get what you want? Fairly hard, it's just that the things I want aren't the things I'm meant to want. ~s~ And they're usually people rather than things, come to think of it...
What do you resent? Not getting the people I want - especially if I can't see the reason. Which is laughably silly, but I'm sure we all do it to some extent.
Why might some people consider you to be an asshole? I don't think anyone would describe me that way just at the moment. I do screw up sometimes, though, and it tends to be in fairly major ways.
Do you trust others? Yes.
Are you a loyal friend? Well...sort of, yes.

Do you live in the ghetto? Heh. Does Elephant & Castle count? It does sometimes feel like it.
Have you ever even held a gun before? No. Me + weapons = bad.
How much bling do you own? It's not 'bling', it's 'shiny things'. Tsk.
Would you rather have your best friend be a wangsta or a wigga? ~giggles~ Wangsta? Really? I hadn't actually heard that one before. Can't answer question, too busy giggling.
Would you rather be bustin' caps or rollin' joints? Bustin' joints, if you keep talking like that. :)
Big butts or big boobs? I am highly unlikely to notice either way.
What's your best pickup line? I'm not sure I've ever used one.
"Fo' Sho" or "Yeah, son"? Or, not.
What race are most of your friends? White.
Ever been to prison? No.

Who or what makes you so excited you piss your pants? I can honestly say nothing. I fear the first few people who will have answered this survey though.
Prep or Yuppie? Yuppie. Just.
How much money do you spend on bad music? Heh. That depends on your point of view.
Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter? Timberlake, although solo he does suck like a small, Michael Jackson-parodying sucky thing.
How many of your friends still listen to NKOTB? I don't know anyone who does. Except me, obviously, but only the one single.
Do you like mainstream music? Some of it. The Sugababes' latest song is, as ever, really very good indeed.
Do you want to be a pop diva? Darling. Yes.
How many times, on average, do you say "like" in a sentence? I am terribly guilty of this one, I must say.
OMIGOD or OMG? OMG, but very rarely.
Ditsy or just plain stupid? Frequently ditzy. Am kitten.

The world is a strange place, you know.


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