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If they made the film of my life...(from some_fox)

(Since I first saw this meme, at least ten scenes have been added. Ah well. I've taken a couple out, just because it wouldn't fit in my life.)

Opening Credits: 'Tel Aviv' - Duran Duran

Waking-up Scene: 'All I Need' - Air

Average-day Scene: 'The Boys' - Pulp

Best-friend scene: 'Starbright Boy' - Bis or 'Europa And The Pirate Twins' - Thomas Dolby

[Cut 'first date' scene as I realised I've never had one. :)]

Falling-in-love scene: 'Sparkle' - Sophie Ellis Bextor, or 'We Could Leave Right Now' - Oysterband, or 'I Have No More Answers' - Black Tape For A Blue Girl or 'Take Of Me' - Alison Moyet (etc etc etc)

Love scene: 'Inertia Creeps' - Massive Attack or 'Closer' - Nine Inch Nails or any one of many other songs, frankly.

Break-up scene: 'I Don't Love You Anymore' - Wolfsheim

Deep-thought scene: 'Lullaby' - The Cure

Flashback scene: 'Hazard' - Richard Marx

Seeing the ex for coffee scene: 'After Rain' - Oysterband

Heartbreak scene: 'Cuts You Up' - Peter Murphy, or 'Sleep By Windows' - Gary Numan or indeed one of many songs.

Angst scene: 'Break Stuff' - Limp Bizkit. No, really. Well, that's angry angst, anyway. Hurt angst is more 'Stay' - Shakespeare's Sister or [insert Tori Amos song here]

Still awake at dawn scene: 'Ordinary Life' - Kristen Barry

Death (of someone else) scene: 'Yes, Anastasia' - Tori Amos

Get-back-together scene: 'Land' - Duran Duran

Party scene: 'Such Pretty Things' - Emma Conquest, is it? imago gave me it on tape and I can't find the box...

Happy dance scene: 'Are "Friends" Electric?' - Tubeway Army

Closing credits: 'Strange Little Girl' - The Stranglers followed by 'Happy Hour' - Felix Da Housecat

There's so much more music it should feature, damn it, but there just isn't room. Maybe there should be no dialogue at all in the film, and it should just go from song to song...

Also, Goth Poetry Generator. Made me smile. Darkly. In a doom-laden sort of way.


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