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"It's a strange day...no colours or shapes..."

The house has been full of men taking the windows out of the walls and putting new ones in. My mum kept saying horrible things and then apologising, weeping, ten minutes later, and then saying something else equally dreadful. This was tiring, so I left for Camden.

Got to Camden - eventually - wandered, found a replacement 'Slut' badge for the one that fell off my coat and also a 'Cheap' one. Hurrah.
Met Scott. Talked. Explained how and why he broke me yesterday. Listened to him apologise for half an hour. Apparently it wasn't my fault, and what's more, now that he knows how ridiculous the effect he has on me is, he's even more looking forward to playing. People are weird. Had a discussion with him about prettiness vs. attractiveness. To quote him, "prettiness is just a physical thing - if I find someone attractive, it's much more subjective, and it's much more about everything about them drawing me to them." Later on, as I'm leaving and he's holding me very close (well, it was a cold day) looking into my eyes I tell him he's beautiful and he says "You're pretty attractive yourself." Strange boy.

And then I come back here and check my e-mail. As flaming torches go, that's a pretty bright one. Let the games begin, I say*.

What a weird day.


*Oh, ok, what I actually say is "Eeek!", but that's not the point.

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