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Eeep. Birthdays. Evil laugh TM. Bounce. Not in that order.

Birthdays : incy and djm4, I am aware it's yours. I don't forget birthdays once I know about them but if I'm not aware it's yours today, I'm sorry, and Happy Birthday whether I know or not.
This post would have been much more coherent half an hour ago. ~s~

Bounce : dennyd makes everything all right again. Also, azekeil is coming to visit at the weekend. Also, going to Goddess the weekend after with spikeylady and company. Rah. :)

Evil Laugh TM : Well, if I told you, I'd have to kill you, but I get another chance to bring out the big guns fairly shortly. I take no prisoners. I just plead and plead and plead to be taken prisoner myself. ~grin~

But this is a good thing.

Things are in fact generally quite good. Despite parents' best efforts to spoil them. I'm not going to let them get to me, damn it.
Especially not right now.


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