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There are worse ways to wake up, I suppose. ~s~

But I still hate dreaming about sleeping with someone on my Friends list.
It's so *weird*; you wake up disorientated, think you should be in someone else's bed. Try to remember what on earth led up to that particular part of the dream, which of course in my case is always entirely insane - this morning it was a group computer game in which my character was an incomplete Pink Panther who had to steal a french horn from zoo_music_girl.
Obviously then it makes perfect sense that I'd wind up having kinky sex with [unrelated goth type].
Oh well. Last time he showed up in my sleep I was playing goth chess (like cat chess, only with goths - some of you will know what I mean) and suddenly he was towering over me with a huge bullwhip, so this was sort of fluffier. It's all wildeabandon's fault anyway. Bah.

And oh, dear. Seems one of the slightly more wrong crushes is into bondage. I wonder what else? I wonder what else he could be made to be into...no, I *don't*, it's eight o'clock in the morning and much too blasted early for any of this, I'm going back to bed.

*Not* thinking about anyone on LiveJournal and strange warped things. Not. (Because of course, I never do that. ~s~)
Although I'd imagine the wrongest of the wrong crushes is probably into anything that would make him feel all ladykiller. ~slaps wrist~ But we're not going there. Especially not right now. ~hides under duvet~ Brain needs an off switch again.


Very unrelated P.S. aegidian - I *have not forgotten* but I can't make it to you until tomorrow. I'm sorry.

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