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Feelings Are Good (and only one of you might get that reference)

I'm really sort of too tired to go into last night much. So, in short : Scott couldn't make it, and my evening might have been really very awful indeed if it weren't for my wonderful friends. As it was I had a fairly good time even without his being there. Perhaps it was for the best.
Much thanks to lilithmagna, ergotia, ciphergoth (all fabulous company and blessedly understanding about how gutted I was), cujosmurf, conflux, thekumquat (all extremely sweet and friendly), lolliepopp (leaving me in hysterics as well as being wonderful), djm4 (making me feel entirely happy about being where I was, and things) and finally spikeylady who rocks harder than I can describe and was just so damn great to me.

Now I face the question - no, I really do - of whether the Camden Virgin is open on Sundays, whether thus Scott will be there, and whether I should go out and try to find him.

Ye gods I'm tired. I really do wish he'd been there. But people were lovely.


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