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"No personality's essential; nobody strictly in command..."

Ahem. Slightly better now. Sleep good. Although I do now feel godawful in different ways, I am at least not headachy or upset any more. This is good too.

It was ok, last night. Migraines can kill absolutely anything, they're horrible. The Man With The Straw In His Ear is also The Man With The Universe In His Pockets and thus had handy Nurofen, but it still didn't help much.

Eh. I missed dennyd, and robinbloke. ali_in_london came with me which was lovely, though. Ran into zapruder and androktone as well...people. Drunken people mostly, but they're sweet when they're drunk. The Full Tilt population of pathetic ugly guys who come up and dance in front of you so they can pretend you're interested appears to have gone up in my absence though. Ugh. Humans.

Angst is DJ-bound since I do mostly feel better this morning. And later I get an asrana as well! Yay!

Went out yesterday to chat to Scott about L'Amour tonight; told him why the sensible people think it's a bad idea and he told me why he sees their point but doesn't think they're right. And also promised that I could come and hide behind him at any time, which I'll obviously try not to do but which might be a good thing. So I will be there, but with "I've no wish to be a celebrity get me out of here" escape funds. I think.

Making no sense this morning. Stop now.


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