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"I've got the day off to install my dungeon."

I think people are going to be hard pressed to better that for a quote of the week. ~g~ Obviously someone out there is looking out for me; went to Camden, wandered around very nonchalantly, went into MVE, bought a *beautiful* Strawberry Switchblade clear flexidisc, came out, walked straight into Scott. Cue many apologies and much "I'm not stalking you honest" from me; well, I'm not, sort of. ~s~

Anyway, he didn't mind and hugged me lots and listened and was lovely. So that's good. And hey, I'm just some random kid, but there should be fun things on Saturday nonetheless. We'll see.

So I feel sort of better, although still kind of hollow. And now I must run away to a singing lesson. And then the course. Goodness, it's all go. ~falls asleep~

Oh, and. No, that's a DJ post really.
Oh, god, I don't know. ~pulls the duvet over her head~ I don't *want* to know.


And I need to get over my fear of needles and I don't know how.
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