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These are Fortean times we live in.

Or I do, anyway. Not only did I have a lovely snuggly couple of days with dennyd who apparently loves me lots and is wonderful (nothing new there, but it was really nice nevertheless), but.
When he left for MK I trailed back to Camden, in the rain, just in case.
Definitely going to L'Amour next Saturday. What I want to - have to - know is, does he greet everyone like that, or have I really caught his eye, or does everyone catch his eye, or, y'know, what. Although I'm not sure it matters much. It happens. That's good enough for me - really, I think it is. (Though as I left I felt how much I didn't want to and shook my head. Not this, not now, not here, not you, not again.)

The really odd bit is that after an hour or so of meeping, chatting, complimenting, talking, comforting, smiling, and just plain staring with one of the most exciting things to happen to my life, I then got an invitation to meet one of the other ones for lunch. ~smile~ Certainly no ulterior motives going on there - but none from me, either, which is *damn* nice. (I'm sure he agrees.) Apart from my stupid stupid parents I had a really fantastic day. Thank you, people, you rock.


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