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Not. Enough. Sleep.

Last night I watched the reanimated corpse of rock 'n' roll sodomise Gary Glitter and strangle a very bad zombie guitarist - both things I'm sure we've all wanted to do at some point.
Among other things. God but I'm tired. It was, eh. Bits of it were fun and lots of it was interesting and some of it was just plain traumatic. Shouldn't think I'll be going back unless there's a really good reason. Grateful to dennyd for bringing me along though; new things good. And I...well...surprised myself. Which is good too. Nevertheless. So many ugly people wearing so many good clothes - it was a tragedy, really, that one couldn't encourage them to strip and then while they were falling over their own socks run away with the rest of their outfit.
Which reminds me. Stripping really is one of the least erotic activities - to watch, at least - in the world. I find a woman shopping for lettuce in the supermarket more erotic than watching her try to take elbow-length gloves off in time to badly- or even well-chosen music. What is it about it that people find remotely attractive? For god's sake. I won't even start on what the men were like; that was more embarrassing than I can find words for. Ugh.

Likewise I won't start on performance art.
I really won't.

I feel like I haven't been good enough about things. I *did* have a good time, and I love dennyd absolutely to pieces, and it was fun and interesting. I think the traumatic things are getting in the way.


And the man with the straw still won't leave my head, naturally.
Hands up who thinks every free day next week will be spent hanging around hopefully in Camden just in case? Heh. I wish I could ask arkady for his number, but it's not as if I'd do anything with it, I'd just sit there staring at it on my phone going 'Well, he hasn't got mine so he's not going to call me. And so he doesn't want me to call him.' And anyway, what would I say? It's not as if I can ask to meet him for a drink or anything oh why can't this sort of thing be easier? Argh. *Argh.* ~gestures hopelessly~



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