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I want to watch 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' again just to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate day. Ah well.
Directionlessly discontent this morning. The cleaning lady is in my space, mum left the house incredibly stressed (though not at me) this morning, after this weekend it looks like I might not see dennyd for a couple of weeks, I'm worried about going to Cambridge next week, I'm having a serious dilemma about bunking the course to make it to robinbloke's set at The Calling next month, I miss Vince, I woke from a dreadful nightmare this morning, and it's very difficult to know how to deal with some people and what to say to them. Meh.

Anyway. This weekend is, hopefully, going to be good. And I have fabulous music with me and it's not like things are actually *bad* right now. I just feel a little...well, to steal a word from ladymoonray, meepish.



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