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I couldn't decide where to start, so I thought I'd let you do it for me.

You know I was intending to write up (some of, at least) my life story and such? I had no idea where to start. And I've just discovered the joy of polls. So, if you were one of the people who was interested...

Poll #181090 "The story of my life is that people keep asking me the story of my life" -John Taylor

Which part of my life story do you kids want to hear about first (or at all)?

Hockey Sticks and Coathangers : violence and self-harm
Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys To Be Girls : the people who shaped my life
Past, Future, In Extreme : why such god-awful music, Emily, why?
Size Of A Cow : how I see myself, and indeed why
Strange Little Girl : random anecdotes of weird stuff I have done
But I'd Settle For Alicia : why not to send your kids to Roedean
E : None of the above, but I have my own idea which will magically appear in the comments
E : None of the above. I'm just not interested.

Please note, clicking the clicky box of "Just not interested" is fine. I know there are people who aren't. ~smile~


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