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"He looks beautifully tortured from a distance. And then close to he suddenly seems much less tortured. And thus much less beautiful."
"Well, you could always get him close and torture him."
Sigh. "Didn't work last time."


"It's wrong. He's not even attractive except in good light. And nobody in the world has the right to be that boring."
"But you said you'd never talked to him."
"He leaks boringness right across a crowded room. Works like a full-body shield."
"Maybe there's a crack in his shield somewhere. You could gently urge it open and slide inside to see if there's anything worth getting to know better."
"Oh, thank you so much. When I wake up with nightmares I'm blaming you."

Why I love-hate my characters #2145.

Tired now. dennyd suggested we watch a film which ended up being Cube, which was technically rather good, but just too gory and generally unpleasant for me. So now if I don't have nightmares from R's suggestions about the Horrible Crush, I will almost certainly have them from that. ~s~ Ah well.


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