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Sleep now.

God damn I'm tired. Electric Dreams last night was fun, if overcrowded with drunk Bowie fans as they were having a Bowie night - the place was packed, which was nice to see as Monday nights are usually sort of quiet, but y'know, music I didn't like much and people who kept being drunk at me. One guy particularly just would not get out of my face on the dancefloor. Ugh. Drunk people.
And yes, the DJ was there. And he was drunk as well, so, hurrah. ~shudder~ Once again I say, alcohol bad. On the other hand, fluffymark appeared unexpectedly, which was lovely. He is a sweet and pretty cure for all ills. ~smile~

And before that I went to the registration for the music performance course I'm about to embark on. Met people. People were nice. This surprised me, as niceness is not a factor I usually associate with competitive singers...they were all hopelessly posh, of course, but nice all the same. Chatted to people. Flirted with people, to my shame. ~s~ Met the two other Emilys on the course - god I hate my name. One of them looks (it's amazing how often this happens) exactly like olithered with his hair in ringlets. Hence some of the flirting. Also, she's Scottish. Mmm. ~g~
Anyway, bad kitten, flirting with straight girls, but it would have been boring otherwise. Got my badges analysed again - honestly dear, they're *badges*, what do you *think* they signify? It's written right there!

And now I am absolutely exhausted. So I'm going to go play mindless internet games and track down the apparent cover of 'Girls On Film' by Girls Aloud. No, really. Thanks to robinbloke for attracting my attention to this.


I miss dennyd.

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