DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Meme from asrana (among others)

Laugh: Quote comedy shows or comedians I recognise at me. Say ridiculously silly things. Tell me jokes from the "What's big and white and lives in trees? A fridge - I lied about the trees" school of humour. Bitch about other people with me, fairly low though that is - I'm just a big gay man at heart. All sorts of other things that don't spring to mind at once.

Cry: Tempted to answer this with "be anywhere near me" because I cry so often, but to point out failsafe sob-inducing things : Scare me by jumping out at me, sudden loud noises, coming up behind me and grabbing me or whatever. There are ways in which I like to be scared; complete surprise is not one of them. Humiliate me. Tell me I'm not good enough or that you're disappointed in me. And occasionally for good tears, play me something I've never heard before that's absolutely beautiful. Works for me. :)

Annoyed: Don't believe me when I tell you things. Don't listen to me when I tell you things. If you're a DJ, mix tracks in together. Letch over me - with one or two specific exceptions who won't be reading this. ~s~ Be flagrantly hypocritical in ways that directly affect me. Tell me what you're doing, you're doing because you don't want to be another person who hurts me, completely disregarding the fact that I might have weighed up the risk myself. Assume that I haven't changed in nearly two years. And so on.

Dance: There's very little that could stop me. No matter what music is on I will be wanting to dance to it; if I'm not, it just means I'm very shy around you.

Sing: Again, try and stop me. If I don't know the words I'll just harmonise the melody. I like singing.

Scared: I'm going to divide this one...
Scared in a bad way : Surprises, as I mentioned earlier - jumping out at me, sudden loud noises, etc. Or make me watch films with similar things in. Get drunk or very stoned and *then* have a crisis at me - it's a mental state I've never achieved myself and so I won't know what to do. Clowns. Don't listen to me when I ask you not to do things; don't stop when I safeword; do things you know I've asked you not to do.
Scared in a good way : Rollercoasters, knives, threats, a particular kind of Look that wechsler, spikeylady and djm4 are all distressingly good at, and the like. On the other side of things, ghost or horror stories (but not films, those are usually bad things). Can't really think of anything else that isn't obvious. Well...be scary at me. I generally like it. :)

Bored: Come to visit me, or invite me to visit you, and spend a successive number of hours ignoring me to do something non-essential. (I.e., computer games versus degree work, or similar. I know, I know.) This will eventually upset me, but first off it will bore me; there isn't much else that people can do that bores me, actually. It's much more about people not doing things. ~s~

Hungry: ~shrug~ The way I do food is just strange. I stop being hungry after a while. Naturally if you don't feed me for a little while I'll get hungry, but a few hours later it won't bother me for another couple of days, if not longer.

Strange: I doubt there's any way to make me stranger than I naturally am.


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