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Music, music, everywhere. ~g~

Let's just say I spent the weekend with the DJ in frequent question, but that I slept on his sofa, ok? I don't really want to expand on my feelings about it all just now; I haven't sorted them out yet. I had a good time anyway. And I came away with eight - eight - new CDs. ~bounce~ Mostly copies of albums I wanted, but one fantastic compilation of Stuff that I have to share the tracklisting of because it's just great. ~grin, bounce, bounce, bounce, music bounce~

1) Motorbike - Sheep On Drugs (Sadly the less good, older version; still looking for the more recent one. Anyone?)
2) Images Of Heaven - Peter Godwin (Random American early 80s hit, oddly moving and a favourite of said DJ)
3) Mexican Radio - Wall Of Voodoo ("I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana...")
4) Echo Beach - Toyah (Just a very good cover. Yay for good covers!)
5) Living Inside Me (12") - Data (Beautiful simple German synthpop.)
6) Imagination - Harry (Another truly excellent cover version)
7) Adrenaline - Rosetta Stone (Had this on MP3 for a while anyway. Damn, but it's good.)
8) Red Frame/White Light - OMD (It's a song about a telephone box. Really. And it's lovely.)
9) Fire Woman - The Cult (Been meaning to get hold of it for months. Rah.)
10) Stigmata - Ministry (Likewise. Both DJ and I were surprised either of us like it, though :)
11) Jilted John - Jilted John ("I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chip shop")
12) Living On Video - Trans-X (One of the sparkliest songs I've heard in ages.)
13) Living In The Plastic Age - The Buggles ("They say the heart police can put you under cardiac arrest")
14) Cars - Shampoo (Yes, that Shampoo, and yes, that 'Cars', and yes, it is extremely good.)
15) Parasite God - Mortiis (Replacing another MP3)
16) Vision - Swarf (Likewise. It's not half wonderful to be able to travel with this song though.)
17) Stars And Heroes - Luke Slater (Subtly wonderful, especially for something so recent. Everyone should hear this.)
18) Stormtrooper In Drag - Gary Numan (Because the DJ is a Numanoid and I love this song.)

And lo, there were four days of geeking and nobody got bored. Hurrah. And the next few days in MK, and...the weekend might be looking interesting, too. But I don't want to jinx anything, so I'll just keep quiet and hope. ~smile~

Anyway, back in range of a computer - if I missed anything desperately important, do tell.


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