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Last night a DJ saved my life (reprise)

Last night I went back to Electric Dreams and it rocked very hard indeed and it sparkled and swayed and was just, well, good. So this is good news.
And the DJ and I shared a taxi homeward again and kissed goodnight again and then sat in the back of the taxi saying nervousshy goodbyes and it was very sweet. Yay. ~nods~
Before that spent a lovely afternoon/evening with asrana, hearing about BiCon and things.
Love and thanks to the organisers for giving so many people such a wonderful time.
Hugs to everyone who enjoyed themselves.
The less said here about one or two things though probably the better. Heh.
And before *that* there was a B-Movie on Saturday night which was much much fun. ~hugs~ to those I saw and danced with there...and three people who won't be reading this - melston, another guy for causing me to burst into moments of "No! It's so wrong! No!" and a truly extraordinary creature who I can't quite convince myself was female. I do wish someone had known who they were. Eh, well, I am the stalker and I will find them. ~g~

Back in MK now for a couple of days. ~relaxedpurr~ Feel better for the time out dancing, but it is good to be back.

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