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Um. I'm not here and nor is this post.

This really is entirely random. I blame reddragdiva since it's all the fault of his B-Movie poll, and one of the answers to it bringing back sudden weirdness. Which spilled out in vaguely poetic form. Only not, because it's really just prose with line-breaks. And not good prose either. But it is a true story. Sort of.

I had a vision of you
For weeks afterwards
After you came to me
To send your best regards
I couldn't forget your eyes
Grey eyes, bird-of-prey eyes
I'd seen those eyes before
Never part of you
What did I know of you?
Your staggering moves
Lechery, heartlessness
Thoughtlessness, drunkenness
Loneliness perhaps
Not all that surprising
But I had a vision of you
Almost wanted it to happen
You picked me up one night
At The Calling, dark-light, dark-wood
Told me you had something for me
If I'd do something for you
Flash of silver, metal
I recognised a blade
Threatening, not promising
Frightened, I acquiesced
We left early, you
Walking behind me, just
Over my shoulder so I
Couldn't see your face
Said you wanted a girlfriend
Someone to fuck and hold you
Someone to be your bitch
Said you thought I'd do
Nearly laughed in your face
Saw the streets were dark
Remembered the knife in your eyes
Wondered what I could make you
Told you I'd think about it
But you wanted an answer
Proved the blade was sharp and real
I gave up to you
So I went around
Hanging meekly on your arm
And every word, and then
I don't know what happened
I had a vision of you
Don't know why it got to me
Whatever happened next
I hope it was enough

Sorry about that. Though not as sorry as I'd normally be since most of the people who object to random drivel of mine are at BiCon now. ~g~

Oh, and I swear you don't want to know who this is about. It's just Wrong. ~shakes head~ Wrong.


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