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More interviews

1: Which smell makes you relax, and why?
The most obvious one I can think of is the air at around 4 in the afternoon in late summer; it just reminds me of so many years spent at home where by the end of every summer I'd be spending all day out in the garden pretending to be one of a number of random literary characters. Vanilla sort of makes me relax as well...but then at other times it's an aphrodisiac, so it isn't failsafe. :)`

2: What are your ambitions in life (just one or two)
Fame. Fortune.
No, really, that's it.

3: What is your most active time of the day?
Very early morning. I rarely see it these days though. :)

4: Where will you be in ten years time?
I think it has to be either on stage or in prison. Heh.

5: Who do you envy?
Absolutely everyone, for something.
Sorry, these weren't terribly long answers, but...~shrug~ They were answers.

1. You've changed a lot over the past couple of years. What would you say was the most defining moment in that change?
Oh, heavens, I don't know. There are so many things - and they're all bad things. I think, though I'm loath to stress this again because to most people (possibly including you) it would never seem like much, that the moment I think I noticed a change was that phonecall with you last Christmas. It felt like the hardest thing I'd ever done, even though it certainly wasn't, and I did it anyway. But that doesn't mean it was the most defining moment - just one that really sticks out. I just don't know. What do you think? ~s~

2. Which club/event is your favourite for music? Which for people? Which of these factors is more important to you having a good night?
For music, Electric Dreams unless I'm in the mood for Full Tilt. Electric Dreams does play all my favourite music, but sometimes Full Tilt is just better when I really feel like dancing - the music's almost as good but much more mindless. :) For people it has to be The Calling, although obviously it's my least favourite for people as well.
Good music combined with good people is a great night. But good music with bad people is probably better than bad music with good people, because I face much less angst over good music than good people. Erm, if that made sense.

3. What makes someone (physically) beautiful? Is it different in men and women?
~blinks~ Meep. ~thinks hard~
To me, anyway - I can't possibly generalise for other people...
Men : Cheekbones. It's just this thing. Big eyes, of any colour (since I never notice eye colour unless it's pointed out to me.) Moving gracefully - either all the time or just to music. Skin that looks like silk or porcelain.
Understand that's just "beautiful" and doesn't cover the sometimes separate, sometimes overlapping fields of "pretty", "handsome", "gorgeous", "sexy" etc.
For women it's much harder - in fact I think it's impossible - for me to say what makes them beautiful to me, since all the women I think of when I think of that word are wildly different. Sorry, I can't come up with a single common denominator except "Wearing clothes that suit them". ~shakes head~`
Sorry, that was just a hopeless answer. My brain isn't doing well today.

4. (I'm cheating and reusing a question here, but...)You have a choice between never seeing one close friend again, and never meeting anyone new for the rest of your life. Which do you choose, and why?
Oh god, this is so hard to answer. Could I still keep in contact with the friend? Would it be my choice *which* friend? How close is close? Does "meeting anyone new" include meeting in real life people I only know online so far?
I'd like to take the second option but I think I'd go insane without meeting new people, and I'd lose a lot of my ability to be good with the people I already know. So I guess it's the first option - with the understanding that we could still keep in touch.

5. You can create one new law, and remove one old one - what will they be?
I just can't answer this - I don't know nearly enough about the laws in this country to know what on earth to remove. As for a law to create, I can't think of anything grand enough - I want a law that says someone with an impressive title and lots of land has to give everything they own to me for no reason at all, or a law that says everyone has to go out in full goth once a fortnight (I actually think that would improve some things a great deal, but never mind) and that's just not quite serious enough...~g~

Anyone, any more?


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