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Interview meme from dennyd

I asked him if he wanted to limit the number of answers I could give these, and he said no. So blame him.

1) Who?
a) azekeil
b) Vince
c) Jon
d) ciphergoth
e) Ben (the boy with the crystal balls)
f) Jack Fairy
g) bastard
h) wildeabandon
i) tacohell & kissycat1000
j) Arrogant Richard
...really I should stop there or it might start to get silly or something.

2) What?
a) A week in slavery [or something].
b) Coffee, at the very least.
c) A shopping trip to Camden most definitely taking in FairyGothMother. Then back to mine.
d) Talking more, and I also wish for Stuff, preferably somehow involving spikeylady.
e) Brutal murder. In a fun way. Or not. Whichever, really.
f) First person I had sex with, if you count characters, which nobody ought to, but I still sort of do, because it was a particularly weird moment in my life.
g) I don't know and I don't want to know because I think I'm less scared this way.
h) Kisses sweeter than wine.
i) Anything! Probably involving miaowing at some point for some reason.
j) Against my better judgement.

3) Where?
a) Anywhere. No, really.
b) Cambridge. Preferably his place, heh. I'm starting to believe he only exists for the duration of The Calling.
c) My place. Oh, and Camden. And then my place.
d) Anywhere but St. Pervertia.
e) Somewhere where the bloody murder won't be noticed, of course.
f) At home in my bed.
g) Scotland. I don't think I'd ever feel safe again in my house if I let him in. :)
h) At surje's.
i) I don't mind, wherever seems like a good idea at the time.
j) Mainly at the last Calling, actually.

4) When?
a) As soon as possible, frankly.
b) Likely when hell freezes over, unfortunately.
c) Whenever he has the time.
d) If ever he feels like it.
e) I don't mind, as long as I get to kill him at the end.
f) About four years ago now.
g) I'm scared to set a date in case he keeps to it.
h) Late last year.
i) As soon as.
j) For months and months but I've been trying not to admit it. Shhhh.

5) Why?
a) Because he's the most twisted sane person I've ever met and I think it would be really good. And because the last time I wanted to play with someone just because I thought it would be great and not for any awful twisted reasons as well was months and months ago.
b) I wish I knew. Or possibly, to find out exactly why.
c) Because It Should Be Done.
d) Because the more I stopped obsessing over him the more I liked him, really.
e) Because nobody's ever wounded my pride that much and it still hurts. Which is pathetic, but then, that's another reason.
f) Honestly? Because my friend Becca and I knew he was getting into serious trouble in x number of abusive relationships and one night stands and we thought it might help him to be loved by someone who loved him, even if it was a girl. Really.
g) Because I'm terrified. This answers almost all questions pertaining to bastard.
h) Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still does, to me.
i) Because we have to all meet up! Kitttttttens!
j) Erm. Pass. There's just something about him. Er. Shhhh. ~kittenhides~

Well, that was silly. And now for something completely different.
Questions from bastard that is.

1) explain in unnecessarilly verbose detail the most excruciating pain you have ever been in.
...but I have nothing interesting to say here, as I have a ludicrously low pain threshold. Thus the most intense pain I've been in was from someone beating me with the metal chain of a leash, which I'm aware is nothing at all really, but which hurt a lot, given that I'm still really not used to being hit. It was done with intention to leave bruises and it didn't even manage to do that. :/
Sorry dear, I wish I had a more interesting answer. The most pain I think I've ever imagined being in involved someone making chinese paper lantens out of most of the lower half of my face...

2) not including flirting with me, what's the closest you've ever come to death?
Something relatively similar. I was playing with someone who had a character who was a serial killer, and I ended up accidentally underneath them without any kind of warning, so I was pretty much too scared to do anything about it. They had their hands around my throat and no intention of letting go. I'm still not sure how I got out of that, my mind is sort of blank in the middle there, I was too scared. ~shrug~

3) would it be bad of me to feed you, elise and tara psychosis inducing drugs, and then tell you all a bag of lies about each other designed to start a catfight, just so I could watch?
Yes, but only because I can't fucking stand having lies told about or to me. I'd love a catfight with Elise and Tara though, they're both gorgeous.

4) whats the worst crime you've ever committed (in terms of years behind bars) ?
Probably ABH, though it wouldn't have got me put in prison I shouldn't have thought. I used to hurt people a lot. If I did it now the results might end up as manslaughter I suspect.

5)when are you coming to scotland? :)
Around Christmas maybe?

I set about forty sets of questions when this meme last went around, and answered about three. So this time - if you'd like to set *me* any questions, please leave them in the comments. I'd be grateful, I like questions.


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