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I need some batteries. Like, right now. Soooo tempted to just go and steal the ones from the TV remote.

I can feel the scalpel on my skin... Sometimes I think Simon was aiming specifically to make me faint when he made Nick do the vocals for Medazzaland...

Recorded a 'Most Interesting of' Duran Duran tape for asrana today...it's good...I want it! LOL Not really...it was fun though...
* Wanted to put one of Andy's solo efforts on. But it was just too awful. I couldn't bring myself to do it. ~g~
* Cried at Tel Aviv. My band are so wonderful. I love you guys. Yay.
* Couldn't fit Sound Of Thunder on. ~sulks~ Still, the ending I've got is pretty cool anyway.
* Couldn't bear to put Buried In The Sand on either; too damn sad.
* John. Can't sing.
* Finally after much agonising did manage to find a song from Notorious worthy of being included. Well - "worthy" is a bit of an overstatement really. Eeeee.

ANYway. I'm not bouncy because I need batteries. No music. ~sulking~


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