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Yup, still bouncy.

But who wouldn't be with the remix of ITSISK? on their CD player, hmm?

I love recording stuff. I love my friends. I love my band. I love music. I love my mum. I love being able to work easy. I love TOTP2. I love loving stuff. I love being this happy. I love coca-cola. I LOVE John's bass. I love.

X Ray Spex were surprisingly good on TOTP2. Might have to ask my cool and groovy English teacher if he has any of their stuff.
Sex Pistols. Yes please.
Babylon's Burning by The Ruts. WHY?

Which reminds me. Notorious - the whole album. Why? Why? Why?
Like, we're talking unremitting, continuous appalingness. In the grand scheme of things it's not so bad - Westlife, I decided today, could open a lingerie boutique with the amount of pants they've produced - but all the same, I can't believe the band who, at both current ends of their careers, can make albums with more than one song on that makes me go YAY, could produce an album of such utter badness. It makes me shudder and reach for "Anyone Out There" and wish I'd been around to yell at them at the time.

I'm kicking myself for missing something on your journal, btw...current music GENTLEMEN TAKE POLAROIDS??? Oh Chris...I love you...

Japan! Japan! Japan! David Sylvian! Miaow! Miaow! Miaow!

Ugh. Keanu Reeves. Ick. ~ggls~ You really disappointed me, you did.



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