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And this Friday, I will not be at B-Movie *or* the Electric Ballroom, preferring to go home and die quietly of heat and moping. So now at least you know. ~s~

The Calling was. Good. Had fun talking to devalmont and spikeylady seemed to enjoy herself lots and was certainly admired by all. The music was pretty good - not enough to dance to but then that gave me more time to talk to the Vince. ~s~ He was surprised and pleased to see me there. And when I left he said he'd miss me. "But there'll be no-one to pull on my strings!" Bless.

"So we danced and danced and danced and danced and danced
So we danced and danced and danced and danced and danced
All night..."

- to, of all blasted things, 'Closer' by NIN ("you can have my everything..."), 'Open Up' by Leftfield ("open up...make room for me...") and Sex Dwarf ("I would like you on a long black lead, you can bring me all the things I need...") looking right at me with those big brown eyes. Ah heck, I'm really going to miss him. ~sigh~

Back in Milton Keynes now though, yay! Except I wish the sodding weather would just stop, already.


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