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trishpiglet, and the recent Jane's Addiction video, have me out looking for fanfic again.
Ye gods, some of it is really bad, isn't it?

I mean, take the undeniably attractive combination of Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez, Brian Molko, and bondage. Good, yes? Well, no.

"He was a really good kisser and Trent was hesitant to break their kiss, but he was far too horny to be romantic right now."
Why? Why? Why? They have personalities, they have things they would be *thinking*, idiosyncracies that would be shown even clearer in such a heated situation, angst for pete's sake. How can you just reduce it to [male celebrity in make up A] shags [male celebrity in make up B] and actually think it's good enough to post in a public forum? Grr, argh.

I've written fanfic - maybe that's bad enough. I've written slash - worse. Real person slash - just about unforgivable. Real person *band* slash - too tragic for words. I know. But I damn well wrote better than this and this kind of thing makes me so angry. And so amused, too - there are stories out there that I am sure artists would have encountered and been taken aback by for their depth and intricate plots, as well as for their admittedly bizarre subject matter. But this is just ludicrous. I know John Taylor of Duran used to act out some of the more absurd fanfic he happened upon with his manager (or similar) and that's just so embarrassing for anyone who tries to write half-decent fanfic.

Grr. Argh.

Forgive me, I really don't write about fanfic often these days y'know.


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