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Sun bad; awkwardness bad; nekos good.

Too hot today. Much too hot. aiwendel was good enough to come charity shopping with me (I found 'The Making Of Arena' ~bounce~) and look after me when the sunshine just got too much and I ended up in a small mewing heap. The heap took itself off to duncanneko's; he is wonderful and feanelwa is lovely. Thank you both for letting me share your space. ~smile~

Awkwardness bad; accidentally ran into emomisy while I was there and he was so surprised he said "Hello" to me, the first word he's said to me since January. I wish he'd at least let me apologise. And then on making it back to my crash space I encountered a grahamb, which was oddly awkward. I suspect it's been so long since I've exchanged more than two sentences with him that I've forgotten how to talk to him. That must be it.

Never mind. Tired now, but duncanneko is just so great and so sweet and was so kind to me. And I have somewhere to sleep and no reason to wake up early this time, and I have thoughts of [beautiful man] to keep me company. So it's not all bad.

But I miss dennyd.


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