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Don't say I didn't warn you...

This survey stolen from Nightshade - one of the cool people I wish I knew. Sigh. ~s~

1. Name: Emily
2. Birthday: 19/06/84
3. Zodiac Sign: Gemini, and how.
4. Sex: Female, unfortunately.

What Time Is It? 20:21

Last Person Who......
6. Called You: asrana, from halfway down my road.
7. Slept In Your Bed: Lars Ulrich from Metallica. (Never mind.)
8. Saw You Cry: Mum.
9. Made You Cry: James.
10. Spent The Night At Your House: asrana
11. You Shared A Drink With: I know you mean alcoholic, and I can't remember that far back.
12. You Went To The Movies With: My godmother Feltzy.
13. You Went To The Mall with: asrana
14. Yelled At You: Actually yelled? Dunno. Dad, probably.
15. Sent You An E-mail: Victoria, for whom I'm beta-reading atm.
16. Said They Were Gonna Kill You: God knows.

Last Time You..
17. Taken A Picture Of Yourself With A Milk Mustache and Sent It to The Milk People: I don't drink milk either. Must be an epidemic.
18. Said "I Love You" And Not Mean it: (I'll try not to beta-read this quiz...) Um...a couple of days ago.
19. Said "I Love You" And Meant it?: Last night, but I was talking to a picture. ~wry smile~
20. Been To New York? 1997
21. Been To Florida? A couple of weeks ago.
22. California? 1993
23. Hawaii? Never.
24. Mexico? Never.
25. China? Never.
26. Canada? Never.
27. Danced Naked? Never.
28. Dreamed Something Really Crazy And Then It Happens the Next Day? Never that I can remember.
30. Had A Mud Bath? No, thanks.
31. Had An Imaginary Friend? Still have. Many. (Hence Lars sleeping in my bed.)

This or that...
32. apples Or bananas? Apples.
33. Red Or Blue? Depends. Blue, usually.
34. Wal Mart Or Target? Boots.
35. Spring Or fall? Spring.
36. Santa Or Rudolph? Rudolph.
37. Math Or English? English.

38. What Are You Going To Do After You Finish This Survey? Spend some time online wishing I knew the guy I nicked it off, I expect!
39. What Was The Last Food You Ate? Salmon en croute.
40. High School Or College? And in English that would be...?
41. Are You Bored? No, just a little sad, in both senses of the word.
42. How Many Of Your Buddies are on? Don't know, I'm not online.
44. Last Noise You Heard: Rufus Wainwright is playing on my computer.

Which One Of Your Friends...
45. Laughs The Weirdest? Tash!
46. Will Grow Up And Be A Model? None are my friends, but Kat, or Jake, or Richard Wilberforce, or...well. I know lots of thin pretty people.
47. Going To Have The Most Kids? I hope none of them, 'cause I'll still want to visit them, and I hate kids. Probably Odile or Georgie.
48. Have You Known the longest? Sara.
49. Loudest? Odile, though she has a lot of competition.
50. Is The Quietest? Tasha.
51. Do You Have the most classes with? May and Tasha.
52. Will Fill This Out And Send It Back The Soonest? Nobody.
53. Who Is The Funniest? They're all funny.
54. Who Is The Moodiest? Ritch or asrana.

About you friends...
55. Who Can You Tell Most Of Your Secrets to: Tash, but I still can't tell her many.
56. Who Do You Distrust the Most: Don't think I have any 'friends' that I actually distrust.
57. Who Is the Meanest To You: Jewel.
58. Who Is the Nicest To You: They're all nice to me.
59. Who Do You Hang Out With the Most: At school, Tasha, May or Ritch.
60. Who Gets the Most Annoying: Tash. But she's great most of the time, and I annoy her too, so hey. :-)
61. Name Your Best Friends: No.
[what happened to 62?] I don't know. ~g~
63. Last Time You Went Out Of State: I live in England.
65. Weirdest Thing About You? That I am other people for the majority of my waking life and some of my sleeping. Probably. It's a close call. ~g~
66. Do you have crush on someone? Oh yes.
69. Do you have a Boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
70. What Is The First Thing You Think of When You get up in The Morning? "Who am I?"
71. What time is it now!? 20:35 - this wasn't nearly long enough.


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