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Stuff. No, really.

Ah, my beloved characters this morning.

R : There's nothing actually wrong with wanting absolutely everything, you know.

He's got a point. A lot of successful people do, when asked how they did it, answer something like "well, I wanted to have everything - and now I almost do!" It's a variant of Positive Mental Attitude, I guess. But if you *want* everything, then you're likely to go and try to *get* everything - which, I suppose, is how they become so successful. Whereas if you think you *deserve* everything, you just sit there and wait for it to come to you and then throw tantrums when it doesn't. I am guilty of this from time to time. ~s~
So I said that to him.

R : Yes. And it's perfectly possible for you to just sit there and wait for everything to come to you and then, each time something comes near you, whack it away with a cricket bat just because you like whacking things with cricket bats, because you know it will come back, because you believe you deserve to have it. And if you do that, the tantrums are much bigger when everything says "Fuck that, he hit me with a cricket bat, I'm not going near him again".

I love my [Rory], and I really *must* start temping.

And I came back in here to write this post in a slightly less than entirely calm frame of mind, and Spike looked at me and said "You know, it's awfully nice to see you doing the victory dance and singing 'I win I win I win' - but it makes you look very silly." He's right. ~s~

Yesterday I was walking up to catch the tube and I wondered if there's anyone in the world who lives without some variant of demon voices. I wonder what it's like.


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