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And three random surveys because I have nothing else to do and I'm awake.

1. What's your favorite cheese? Fake cheese - Dairylea and the like. I really don't like cheese much.
2. How long do you hold onto odd socks before giving up on finding their mate? I don't wear socks as such, so I don't have the same problem.
3. Who was your favorite musical artist when you were 15? Hmm. 15 - that would be 1999. Which I think was when I first got into Duran Duran in a big way. I know there wasn't anyone in the charts at the time that I liked.
4. What shape are your fingernails in right now? Short, but not bitten too much anymore - the most nervewracking aspects of Denny's hospital visit being pretty much over.
5. Two scoops: of what? One of pralines & cream, one of cookie dough, but onle if it's Haagen-Dazs - the Ben & Jerry's one isn't as good.
6. What's your earliest memory? Bottlebrush trees and bird of paradise flowers in Australia, around 15 months.
7. When does your pet look funniest? I don't have a pet. Yet.
8. What do you collect? Music, words, information, postcards, crushes.
9. What's better than sex? Well, I guess lots of things are better than just "sex" - yes, I have had sex now, and yes, actually it's kind of nice, but only because of who I'm with and I could never find myself just wanting sex, like a lot of people I know seem to. So, music is better than just sex, but I think only sex with music could be better than sex with certain special people. /ramble
10. What things are you brand-loyal to? Nothing I can think of.
11. Favorite Dr. Seuss book? No, no, no. They scare me silly. Really.
12. Best meal you've had lately? Well, in terms of the actual food, it was certainly the stir-fry valkyriekaren cooked last time I was over at hers and wechsler's. But the shared toasted cheese and ham sandwiches with dennyd every day have had a certain something as well.
13. Peanut Butter and ________? Butter, in sandwiches. Chocolate, in Reese's cups. Mmm.
14. Who's your favorite poet? I tend to have favourite poems, rather than a poet all of whose work I like.
15. Where are you going on vacation this year? Mum's just said she'd like to take me somewhere for a few days - probably Venice, though I'm thinking about places I'd like to go.
16. If you could change careers tomorrow with no strings attached, what would you be? Backing singer for mistywoods's band half the time, professional submissive the other.
17. Whaddya drive? People.
18. What's your poison? Vinegar.
19. The color of the carpet on your floor? I have no idea in my own house and I can't see the floor in this one. :)
20. What's on your walls? In my bedroom at home, much Duran Duran and some pictures that distracted me.

1. What books are your comfort reading -- the ones you slink back to in times of stress?
David Eddings' Belgariad and Malloreon.

2. What was your favorite book as a child, and why?
The Green Knowe books by Lucy M Boston. Because they were about a child who played with ghosts and the magic of an old house and I just *knew*.

3. What was your favorite book as an adolescent, and why?
'The Toll Bridge' by Aidan Chambers, as well as the David Eddingses and Mercedes Lackeys and Anne Rices. I'm not sure I can explain why. It's one of the best and most disturbing books I've ever read.

4. What is the most-unread category of books gathering dust on your bookshelf -- the books you've bought but just never got around to reading?
Well, fantasy/sci-fi, but only because I've bought random things because the covers were shiny and then not read them because they were dull. ~shrug~ I should get rid of some of them.

5. What kind of books would you like to say you read, but never do?
I wouldn't - I read anything I find interesting and I have no desire to pretend to find anything else such.

6. What's the oddest book you ever read?
In what way? I've really no idea, it depends on what you mean by odd.

7. What book were you never able to get through, despite the recommendations of people you respect?
Wuthering Heights.

8. What's the book it took you a couple of tries to get into, but was as good as promised once you finally made it?
Actually, the first of the David Eddings books. It starts slowly.

9. What's your favorite short story . . . or do you even have one?
Open 'Swamp Foetus' by Poppy Z. Brite and pick a story. They're all extraordinary and searing. I like short horror stories and the like.

10. The desert island. Three books (and collected works don't count; if you want *Lord of the Rings* it'll cost you all three slots). Go:
'Swamp Foetus' by Poppy Z. Brite (plus pen and lots of paper for all the inspiration it would give)
'Magician's Gambit' by David Eddings
'Jingo' by Terry Pratchett. Because, Lord Vetinari, and things.

Last cigarette: I don't smoke.
Last kiss: Last night. Though I think the official 'last kiss, dammit' lasted about eighty kisses.
Last good cry: Yesterday, at the Buffy musical episode.
Last book read: Faust Eric by Terry Pratchett. I'd managed to avoid reading it before and wish I'd continued to do so.
Last movie seen: At the cinema, X2. At home, Thundercats : The Movie. ~g~
Last resturant visited: I can't remember.
Last dream: I probably dreamed last night but don't remember dreaming, so the last one would be my last dream the night before, which, erm. Cat. Sex. Phantom Of The Opera. Trust me, you don't want to know any more.
Last curse word uttered: Almost certainly "fuck", it's the one I use most often.
Last beverage drank: Apple juice.
Last food consumed: Love Hearts. I know they don't count as food, but hey.
Last phone call: With asrana last night.
Last tv show watched: Buffy, but on video. On TV, ER, days ago.
Last outfit worn: Black skirt, boots, loose black shirt.
Last cd played: I can't remember. There hasn't been much CD action around the place.
Last wish: As in, I assume, last thing I wished for? That the unnatural warmth in part of Denny's leg is extreme healing rather than something else going wrong.
Last item bought: Food.
Last annoyance: Still the heat.
Last disappointment: Not watching more Have I Got News For You last night. But it turned out ok. :)
Last alcoholic drink: Years ago.
Last time wanting to die: A few weeks ago.
Last time scolded: Yesterday morning, very gently.
Last webpage visited: Freedom2Surf webmail.


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