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Meme from feanelwa

adjectivemarcus - The Great Corrupting London Trip Of January 2002
aegidian - Briefly ditto, and then again properly somewhere in the direction of the British Museum.
aiwendel - At skelliga's gig at the Man In The Moon, Cambridge.
ali_in_london - Tenebrae
alisalohv - Not yet - narrowly missed, but didn't quite make it.
alixandrea - Briefly and impersonally at the abovementioned Skelliga gig, and then properly months and months later at the KSR/Grafton Centre/Cinema.
amitriptyline - At school, though where we actually met, or how, I don't know.
amorematico - Lives far too far away dammit.
androktone - Slimelight.
antiutopia - Steve Strange's birthday night at Pcokz, not that she'd remember. :)
asrana - In her room at school.
atommickbrane - The Head Of Steam pub, just outside Euston.
sparrowpunk - A beautiful shy girl surprised me very much by coming over and introducing herself at Whitby.
tephramancy - The filming of 'Initiation', round katyha's house.
azekeil - Not yet. Really must arrange something.
babysimon - Great Camden January 2002 Trip Of Doom.
bastard - Not yet.Saving my apprehension for when I'll need it most.
blackmetalbaz - Almost certainly The Calling, though I don't remember when we were actually introduced.
blu_dragonfly - Not yet, but one day.
bootpunk - Whitby. "That can't be CJ, that doesn't look anything like CJ." "Hi, I'm CJ." "Ah."
boymaenad - Not yet and likely never will.
boyofbadgers - The Head Off Steam pub also. Fear the geeking and Fischerspooner discussions.
childeric - B-Movie.
ciphergoth - Ah, Camden.
countess_sophia - ...ah, Camden. :)
daneel_olivaw - Kings Cross train station.
dark_temptation - Is a character, though not one of mine.
darkgoblin - Oh, the Man In The Moon, before the Skelliga gig. Yes. Um.
davefish - A party round at fluffymark's house.
deliberateblank - Erm, The Calling I think.
denalyia - Cubana cocktail restaurant near Waterloo.
dennyd - In his car on the way back from Cambridge station to wildeabandon's.
djm4 - Camden, same time, same place I think.
dr_d - In the Dev in Camden.
elfgeek - Briefly on the Camden trip - I can't remember when we actually met properly though!
emarkienna - The Calling, I'm pretty sure.
emomisy - Just outside Cambridge station.
ergotia - Camden trip of Doom.
eviltwinemma - The KSR I think, and if not that, then The Calling.
feanelwa - Says we met in the KSR and so I will take her word for it. :)
flannelcat - U5 H3 common room.
flick - Cubana cocktail restaurant.
fluffymark - The British Museum. :)
fluffymormegil - Well, B-Movie, but only vaguely properly at Whitby.
ghoti - The first person I met at the first Calling I ever went to.
giolla - Camden. Not the same time of the same place as anything else.
gkar - Not that I recall, though I'd like to.
gnimmel - Very briefly at The Calling. I would love to meet her again.
wildeabandon - Camden, almost the same time and place as giolla.
grahamb - Definitely the KSR. I do remember that.
duncanneko - The Calling.
hand_wash_only - Before I started at Roedean, though I can't remember where or why.
hatter - The Dev in Camden. Good night that was. :)
hilarityallen - I haven't as far as I know.
imago - Whitby. And there was much laughter.
incy - The Liquid Lab.
interstices - I don't know if I've met this lady because I don't know who she is.
jezebel_z - At grahamb's.
kaet - Very briefly at The Calling. It must happen again.
katyha - Camden trip of much doominess.
kerouacian - Never - I was just a fangirl.
kissycat1000 - Not yet, but something must be done soon.
kitty_goth - Technically on that Camden trip.
kjersti - Erm, B-Movie or Dead & Buried? Sorry, I can't remember which came first.
ladycat - Outside Charing Cross station. Eventually. :)
ladymoonray - Tenebrae.
lhiss - Saw him at The Calling, but we didn't actually meet.
lilithmagna - Blah, blah, Camden, blah. :)
sashajwolf - Jubilee Barbecue at lolliepopp's.
lolliepopp - Jubilee Barbecue also.
madkatsjournal - Not yet.
dj_pooka - Waterstones cafe. Eh.
meirion - The Calling.
mhw - Not yet, though we really must.
mistywoods - Steve Strange's birthday at Pcokz.
mmmdraco - Never have, probably never will.
moomintroll - Officially the best Calling in the history of Callinging.
mrph - The Calling.
neotokyo - Somewhere in London - no idea exactly where.
nevla - The KSR. :) :) :)
newcat - Definitely The Calling. ~s~
nisaba - The KSR. Wow, so that's what clove cigarettes are, can I stand nearer you please?
dryad_wombat - Finally, at The Calling a few weeks ago.
olethros - The Calling, though he'd say Whitby I think.
olithered - The Skelliga gig I mentioned earlier.
phlebjorn - At her house oop north.
pringle - A pub that had something to do with surgeons, TCR.
purplepiano - Briefly at The Calling.
purplerabbits - In the road outside my house at about one in the morning.
rathenar - Well, technically The Calling I guess.
redcountess - Whitby.
reddragdiva - B-Movie.
lucylooo - Never have, probably never will, but have been a fangirl for longer than even I realised.
robinbloke - Sort of at The Calling, then at the Camgoth trip to see ST : Nemesis.
rosenkavalier - Outside Charing Cross station. Eventually. :)
ruis - Outside The Porterhouse, Covent Garden.
shinysparkly - Charing Cross station, also eventually, but not at the same time as the others.
simont - The Calling.
snakedance - Is a character.
missfairchild - Cubana cocktail restaurant. Acid, sugar, and a beautiful woman. I had no chance.
snow_leopard - Party at hers and fluffymark's.
spangle_kitten - Still not managed to meet.
octopoid_horror - Haven't yet.
spikeylady - B-Movie.
spiresofavalon - Not yet.
steer - Erm, first at the Liquid Lab I think...?
sweetprince - Never have, never will.
swisstone - Tenebrae.
tacohell - wildeabandon's house prior to a Calling.
rhindon - Never have, probably never will.
thatmoment - Again, I don't even have an identity to link this to.
the_lady_lily - The Calling.
therosewilde - Not yet.
trishpiglet - Erm...Jubilee Barbecue? I *think* it was.
truffleg - Never have.
valkyriekaren - Poon's restaurant in Leicester Square.
velvetfox - grahamb's house before a Calling.
wechsler - Poon's restaurant in Leicester Square. I have never seen last night's eyeliner look so good.
werenerd - Sahara Nights I think.
yvesilena - Not yet but it officially Must Be Done.
zeke_hubris - Despite being in the same place at the same time very often, we haven't actually met yet. ~s~
zoo_music_girl - Tenebrae.
zotz - The Calling I think.

Not that I'm not used to odd dreams. Someone was throwing a party in a big but narrow London house. I can't remember everyone who was there, though I know aiwendel, olithered and blackmetalbaz were, at least. Thinking about it just after I woke up I remembered playing 'Zombies' - y'know, the game where you hide and then when you're found you become a zombie and have to go find other people? I've never played it in real life and I can remember fairly recently begging not to play it because I didn't know how it worked. But anyway.
Somewhere in the middle of this party I found myself in an upstairs bedroom with a four-poster bed beautifully draped in white cotton and lace, with no light except moonlight (don't ask me why the party was at night, it wasn't my party) and with olithered.
Which, if you'll pardon my saying so, raises the number of times I've dreamed about sleeping with him to four. Given that I don't usually dream about people I know anyway, in *any* situation, I am really quite concerned.
Well, ok, I'm not. But I am somewhat bewildered.
Anyway. Sorry, Oli, if you're reading this. I'm keeping well away from Cambridge, you've got nothing to worry about. :)

Yesterday was great. ~blows kisses to wechsler~ But I found out some things that made me wearily angry. Some people shouldn't be allowed out of their house until they've cleaned their room.

Right. And back to the hospital.


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