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Hey kids. Back on a flying visit - well, more of a falling over, dragging myself along a bit further, then collapsing again, then crawling a bit more visit, but hey.
Alas no B-Movie for me tomorrow - I know you're all devastated. I wish I could go but I planned badly - also it sounds vaguely as though I'd be better off not being there anyway. Heigh ho.

A few weeks ago rathenar suggested doing a version of the Evil Meme with song lyrics instead of writing something. I liked the idea. I may do it tonight. Until then, here's a random meme stolen from one of my new Friends, of whom I appear to have three. ~waves to them~

--------FINISH EACH SENTENCE---------------
* let's walk in the: gardens and parks of London; I have memories in many of them that I'd like to write over.
* let's run through: ideas for what we'll do when we next get together.
* who are those: pretty pretty boys that she calls friends?
* what a nice: surprise to get to my singing lesson and come out feeling better, today.
* where did all these: new feelings come from, and how - really, how - can I get rid of them?
* when will they: learn that once I make the big wide kitten eyes at them, it's only a matter of time?
* where is: a good blasted thunderstorm when you need one?
* why can't you: feel the way I feel?
* easier than: identifying any 80s pop song from two seconds of it on the radio. :)
* closer than: ever, but still not nearly close enough.
* look at my: shiny shiny new Dead Or Alive gatefold 7"!
* i'll stay if: you'll hurt me.
* silly little: things are making me cry at the moment, and it sucks.
* show me some: danger, a blade, a reason to kneel. Or just chocolate. Chocolate is good too. :)
* the sky is: not currently leaking rain. This is a Bad Thing.
* tell me a: secret of yours.
* hide me: just for a night; it won't kill you.
* love me: Vince, dammit. Heh. Just kidding.
* my mom thinks you're: all bad, wicked, deviant, evil people.
* he's not: mine.
* are you:?
* i missed: him every second today I was away from him, all through last night when I couldn't sleep, when he closed the curtains for five minutes this morning...
* can't you: see how good it could be?
* lovely little: thing you are, and still capable of such very very scary things; I wonder if I could talk her into talking you into...nah, probably not. :)

Thank you spikeylady and conflux for the CDs and the gorgeous card - and, wow, some of these songs are incredible. Music++


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