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Would you believe it? Actual reasons for saying "YAY!" rather loudly!

Yes. It's me. I'm at home, with a computer, for most of the weekend, and I don't really have any bad news and I actually feel quite perky. What are the odds, eh? ~s~

Electric Ballroom in quite a serious way tonight. Tomorrow possibly hatter, possibly asrana, possibly my aunt at some point. Sunday, Thorpe Park with robinbloke and tacohell. Rah!

dennyd was doing particularly well today, yesterday his fourth (and final, gods willing) operation was as successful as they could have hoped, and he's actually out of bed and sitting in a chair now (at least, he's probably back in bed right now, but, y'know, he was today) although because he's just had a skin graft they don't want him to try to walk at all yet. But he's cheerful and with it and, and, and, yay.

And I have a bit of *time* at last, now, so I can actually write things down. Tomorrow, there will be a very long post comprising three things - 1) What I've actually been doing for the last two weeks, 2) How I've been feeling, because I need to get it out of my system, and 3) Why exactly I'm running away from The Calling, because I need to get that out, too. But right now, I want to say THANK YOU to a bunch of people. So I will.

I can't list everyone who's left supportive comments and sent text messages - it's practically my whole Friends list, and some people who aren't on it. Thank you, all of you, you've kept me going. And
asrana, for being on the other end of the phone many times and for cuddles and for taking me to Alton Towers and for being my best friend.
wildeabandon, for being calm in the face of part of my storm and for helping wherever she could.
rathenar, for being on the other end of the phone and dealing with things I couldn't deal with and, y'know, stuff.
aegidian for wanting to help and for the Gary Numan picture disc. So pretty!
hatter for calling me and caring and things.
imago for making me a tape which I will listen to tomorrow. :)
reddragdiva for sending me a compilation which has already had me squeaking and bouncing and falling over giggling and I've only listened to three songs so far. Yourocksohard! :) :) :)
tacohell for agreeing with me and wanting to help.
robinbloke for wanting to give me a break and for just loving me, really, 'cause it's always good.
ali_in_london for randomly thinking of me.
wechsler for being a sight more understanding than I really deserved and for cuddles and scritches and love.
duncanneko for reading my e-mail to me.
alixandrea for talking to me at The Calling.
jinxx for a few wake-up calls.
fluffymormegil for diverting my thoughts, probably unwittingly.
spikeylady for being understanding (must see you soon sweetheart).
valkyriekaren for company and cooking and things.
daneel_olivaw for time at The Calling; I feel I should apologise for that text message, much as I meant all of it. ~s~
ruis for humbling me entirely by being really really helpful. I am so grateful, really, thank you so much.
boymaenad for a very beautiful post as I dashed through LJ last Tuesday that made me stop and smile.
uberredfraggle for dropping by yesterday and listening and offering to listen.
ghoti for wanting to get to know me despite my being completely insane around her on a more and more regular basis. :)
And my mum for leaving food in the house, god bless her, and my dad for being really understanding. I think that about covers it - I'm very tired and not very well, so if I've forgotten you, don't shout at me. I love you and will thank you when my faculties return to me.

Maybe I'll see more than just robinbloke tonight...either way, much much much love to everyone. Mwah!


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