DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,


Well, I managed to sleep for about twenty minutes while I was here earlier and while I was there some kind sprite stuck a coping hat on my head, where it remained, mostly, until about an hour ago when the migraine that had been developing and the sheer exhaustion of having barely slept for nearly two days and having been crying for about thirty hours solid (it's damn scary when you think about it - how do I still have anything left? Maybe the migraine is pure dehydration) all caught up with me. dennyd was starting to look as though he needed to just rest quietly, as well, so I've come back here - I'm going to be completely useless if I don't get at least a few hours' sleep. I wanted to stay but there just wasn't any point, he needed to rest and I was getting weepier by the minute. It's just the headache, officer, honest. Really. ~sigh~

Don't worry about calling me if you want to, though - I'd be glad to hear from anyone right now, and I won't mind being woken up and in any case won't be trying to sleep for a while yet. (wechsler, I don't know what your plans for this evening are, but if you've got five minutes at some point, I'd love to hear your voice.)

Nothing much else to report. Oh, apart from that apparently the Cheeky Girls are going to star in some Dracula-related TV movie with Martin Kemp as Dracula. The reaction should be ~fear~, really, but it isn't, quite.


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