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I forgot to giggle about this...

...I had to do a timed essay in English today and it was just a joke, nobody could do it, so we all went a bit daft...and mine just degenerated into surrealism. And I quote from this bit just after it all went weird :

"The characters of both the Knight-at-arms and Lycius receive warnings about what their respective women will do to them, similar to the ones received by Simon Le Bon in the video for Hungry Like The Wolf, although , as with Lycius, these warnings fail to reach him in time, as evinced by the scars clearly visible on his neck, although it has been theorised that these scars are in fact artificial and a device used by Le Bon to gain attention and sympathy.
The supernatural elements in both the Hungry Like The Wolf and Nightboat videos are in sharp contrast to the purely technological dangers of View To A Kill..."

Um. ~g~ Oh dear.


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