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Would that all problems were so triviapocalyptic

Trying to decide which song I most want to request at the next Calling. It's the one before my birthday and a bunch of people I love are supposed to be going to be there and I can't work out what I want most.

'Sex Dwarf' by Leaether Strip...but if I end up feeling shut out of the dancing it will wreck my night. Yes, I know I'm oversensitive. Shush.
Things like 'Closer' and 'Sin' and 'Head Like A Hole' depend entirely on who does show up.
Requesting Duran Duran hardly seems fair, since I think only robinbloke would appreciate it and in any case, nobody owns the songs I'd want. :)
And part of me wants to request 'Initials B.B.' just because. But since I can't currently listen to it without crying it's probably not actually that good a plan.
Things like 'Discotheque Necronomicon' and 'Sparrows And The Nightingales' tend to get played anyway.
'Psycho Magnet' I'd rather watch than dance to.
Flock Of Seagulls' 'Wishing...' is frankly just going too far.

I think possibly Danielle Dax's 'Cathouse' is the answer.

Of course, all this is moot since I won't actually have the guts to ask anyone for anything. But I can poke other people to ask for me.

Later : Oh, and by the way. I adore dennyd. Just thought I'd say, 'cause of course, none of you knew that already. ~s~

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