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Decided last night that it would be better if I came home to sleep and dennyd stayed where he is...just 'cause we were both shattered and didn't much feel like going out. I'm kind of glad, though it was so difficult to leave him, because last night's sleep was *good* and I really needed it. ~snuggles down in bed~ And this weekend looks promising, too. So, y'know. Bounce.

My Friends list is odd today. There are things that made me sigh deeply (ethics...hardly) and things that made me scream aloud (shinysparkly you are the biggest star in the fucking galaxy you are) and things that made me grin lots (spikeylady rocks the planet as usual) and, eh. Stuff.

Um. Ghost (the character) wants to write what he's seen of something that once happened to me. The something he wants to write about is something I promised someone I wouldn't tell anyone about - and still never have. If Ghost's story mentions no names and in any case is written in disjointed poetry-prose, would it still be wrong of me to post it when and if he writes it?


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