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Dreams and things.

Last night I actually dreamed about LiveJournal, which must be about as sad as it gets. But anyway, I dreamed that I was looking through my Friends list and both grahamb and daneel_olivaw had entries which ended with "I think it's time I told duranorak I'm tired of her." ~smile~ You boys could just tell me, y'know, you don't have to go via my subconscious.
But it got better as then somehow I was on stage with a band singing covers of Altered Images songs. Which was inordinate amounts of fun. I want a band! ~sigh~

I have an extremely inappropriate and bizarre crush trying to sneak its way around the edges of my consciousness as well, for which I lay the blame entirely at the feet of rathenar, although she won't for a moment know who I'm talking about and it's not actually her fault at all, it's all Whitby's fault. Oh well.

Anyway. Sickened by some things on my real Friends list - I've made a big mistake this week. Never mind.


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