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And the film of my life just got a new title - When Crushes Get New Icons. No, please no, I really thought I'd put that one behind me. Oh well. It's hard to forget these people when half your friends have at some point said "You two should go out, you look so good together!" Yes - neatly bypassing the point that actually he's really not interested in me. But never mind.

It's finally Tuesday again. I have a vague recollection of someone telling me that everyone's favourite white slave harem dancer is going to be Callinging tonight, which would be nice as I'd love a chance to reevaluate his dancing, and/or out-boot him. ~grin~ And. I know I shouldn't have missed Vince as much as I have, but, well, I have, and it will be very good to see him again.

~sigh~ Although apparently some other people I wanted to see *won't* be there tonight, but, y'know. You lose some.

And then, apparently nevla *will* (possibly) be there. So you win some, as well.

FWIW, I'm still planning on the thigh highs/fishnets/leopardprint minidress combination, so if that's enough to make anyone want to skip tonight's Calling, do say and I'll wear something decent and respectable instead.

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