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I expect I think too much.

Well, I went to sleep at seven last night and only just woke up, so I feel a great deal better now. I spent yesterday with a fairly unpleasant migraine - probably due to crying for a couple of hours the previous night as I finally gave in and told dennyd what was wrong, or rather, the many things that were wrong. Once again he is patient and kind and wonderful. I don't deserve him, but he seems to disagree with this, which is ok by me. ~s~

So no further migraine, some extremely vivid but not at all frightening (for once) dreams, nothing to do today (but worry about a few people) and Bad Girls on the TV tonight. All in all it shouldn't be a bad day.

People are funny, ain't they? When I was young, I was told that having high self-esteem was a very bad thing, and admitting that you were good at anything was boasting. So I thought anyone with high self-esteem was obnoxious and arrogant. Then later, more recently, I thought the people with high self-esteem were truly beautiful (not that those without it weren't, mind) and to be envied, since they gloried in what they were and I'd love to be able to do that. Now I seem to have met someone for whom high self-esteem somehow hasn't, well, *worked* - they know how utterly great they are and their life *still* sucks like a Dyson - and it's made them much more bitter and unhappy than the people I know with almost no self-esteem at all. Odd.
Well, not odd, I suppose, but it caught my attention.


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