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"And every new dawn ends in bitterness..."

Actually, I'm a bit better this morning. Horrible, horrible dreams last night, though if I told you about them you'd laugh, I suspect. Attacking poisonous were-bear-type creatures and evil fairies with drinking straws comes out sounding a bit ridiculous if you weren't there. Oh look! A dream about trying to protect people I love and stop them getting hurt! Well, where could that have come from.
There are *too many* places it could have come from, damn it. ~sigh~

In an effort to make today disappear I am considering going to Camden, since I got given money yesterday and new clothes are A Good Thing. It might be better to go somewhere with lots and lots of charity shops, but hey, when did I ever do what was sensible? I know everyone else is busy, so I won't bother asking if anyone wants to join me, but if anyone does, you've all got my number. ~s~

~sigh~ Vince kissed me. London Zoo tomorrow. There are good things, there *are*.


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