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It's nearly eleven, I'm just waiting for the fucking film.

Excuse me, this entry will not be rational.

Thank gods for wechsler. Thank you, love, thank you for being glad to see me and for hugging me and for distracting me and for holding my hand and for holding *me* and for sending me a text message to reassure me.


I want to scream and rail and kick and break and cut and scream some more and scream some more and smash and rip and tear and wrench and fucking scream the fucking city to its knees.
But that's probably not going to help anyone, so instead I'm going to stop drinking coke and lay down and close my eyes and sleep, because I need to sleep, I'm so exhausted.

Please please please don't worry about me. Please. I'll be fine in the morning, I really will, I'm sort of fine now, only so angry, and not sure which direction to point it in. But I'm not even turning it inwards tonight. Just need to rest. Want to sleep.

I'll make more sense in the morning. I hope *everything* will make more sense in the morning.


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