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Keats takes a break to listen to some music.

Oh dear.
I'm writing very bad poetry (so bad I'm not even going to force it on you lot) while the TV plays a programme about bailiffs with backing music somewhat bizarrely courtesy of Adam Ant and Elvis Costello.

I've just discovered that the Dandy Warhols' latest album was produced by Nick Rhodes, which explains a lot about why 'We Used To Be Friends' is such an excellent, sleazy, gorgeous song. Which I must get. Now, actually. ~wakes up Kazaa~ And maybe 'Not Even If...' as well, I haven't heard that song in ages.

Oh dear, that was really bad poetry. I may see if I can coax it into being slightly better poetry later, since the subject needs to be expressed somehow. Well, in slightly more eloquent terms than "You know, that guy is really really really really really *really* great. You know that, right?" ~smile~

asrana tells me I rock for making her laugh. Go me. ~smile~


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