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Another from chiriko...thanks sweetie...

current mood: Absolutely mind-blowingly roof-explodingly dance-to-happy-songs-ingly ECSTATIC.
current music: The one in my head will be at the bottom of the page, but Will Smith's "Millenium" - or Willenium, or whatever - is playing in the hall. Which is essentially Will talking over THE CLASH'S "ROCK THE CASBAH" DAMMIT and it shouldn't be allowed. ~g~
current taste: Utterly gross school baked fish. Eeeeee. Roll on my room and curry twiglets!
current hair: Long and being kind to me atm.
current dress: Black & purple-silver sandals, black skirt, black velour top which I LOVE, black-and-glitter necklace.
current grievance: No money. Eep. Also my discman has been nicked.
current annoyance: Idiots in French lessons.
current smell: Cerruti 1881
current longing: Coke (upstairs), music (upstairs), lyrics (right here).
current game: Confusing myself by playing all five 'NSyncers at once.
current thing I ought to be doing: Eh...rebetaing (not a word) Part 9 of Victoria's story because the bastarding school system lost the e-mail.
current windows open: Just this one here.
current desktop picture: At home it's *still* Zechs & Treize. I need a Duran one & can't find one anywhere.
current books: Nothing, dammit!
current cds in stereo (or in heavy rotation): Eh...heavy rotation...hmm...Starsailor "Love Is Here"...Gary Numan "Telekon", John Foxx "Metamatic", Duran Duran's first album. Yah.
current colour of toenails: Why would anyone bother? My fingernails are purple with green on top tho'.
current refreshment: Meh...~reaches towards coke upstairs~
current worry: That someone's gonna nick this computer while I go up & get a coke and my walkman. And the tape covers, so I can find the lyrics I've not been able to work out by my selfsome.
current crush: NICK! ROFL um...JOHN! Or is it Nick's girlfriend or...LANCE or...eh...so confused....
current favourite celeb: NICK!
current time wasting wish: Taping more music for asrana.
current hate: Nah, I can't hate anything in this mood. Bouncy bouncy bouncy...

Eh...asrana? You know I said six tapes? Well...seven? Eight? ~thinks about number of records @ home~ Eh...eleven? Twelve?

Eep. ~g~

Prep? What prep?


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