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A survey of lasts.

last cigarette: I don't smoke. Some guy last night was accidentally blowing smoke across my face, though. I miss Vince.

last car ride: Eeep, not since coming back from Whitby.

last kiss: Last night.

last good cry: Tuesday, from nervous exhaustion mostly.

last library book checked out: will have been at school, and I have no idea what it was.

last movie seen: Monsters Inc, on DVD, with dennyd.

last book read: 'Holidays On Ice' by David Sedaris (I think)

last cuss word uttered: Fuck, under my breath, a couple of times, last night. People have sharp claws.

last beverage drunk: Diet fanta, ick.

last food consumed: Caesar salad.

last crush: Is that a crush? No, it's not really a crush. And that's not strictly speaking a crush any more, but it's probably the last crush. hatter, then.

last phone call: Last night with asrana.

last tv show watched: The end of Hollyoaks last night.

last time showered: This morning.

last shoes worn: Black ankle boots.

last cd played: Duran Duran - Big Thing.

last item bought: A tube ticket last night. Last interesting thing, a pair of metal wrist cuffs from Claire's Accessories.

last downloaded: 'Obsession' by Animotion, because I only have it on record and I wanted to listen to it while typing.

last annoyance: Mum. What else?

last disappointment: Leaving last night was...anticlimactic.

last soda drank: Diet fanta, ick.

last thing written: I offloaded some distraction onto paper a few days ago.

last key used: The front door keys. That didn't open the door. At three in the morning. Because my mum, knowing perfectly well that I was coming back late, had closed the latches on the door, because she is hopeless.

last word spoken: "MEEP!" at a comment someone left somewhere. I have no shame.

last sleep: I did get a little sleep last night after all.

last sexual fantasy: I'm sure the world doesn't need to know what it actually was, but someone said something last night that has really stayed with me.

last weird encounter: I think last night's counts, it's just so unlike me to walk up to someone that stunning and start talking to them.

last ice cream eaten: I don't remember. I try to steer clear of it most of the time.

last time amused: ~giggle~ A little earlier, mostly by ali_in_london. Tee hee. The poor little boy. We should really leave him alone.

last time wanting to die: I don't remember the last time I seriously wanted to - likely it was around the whole Christmas and New Year debacle. I get flashes of it most weeks though.

last time in love: I just don't know the answer to this at all. I have no idea.

last time hugged: Last night.

last time scolded: This morning by mum, although certain people came frustratingly close last night, but only in a fun way. :)

last chair sat in: This one, which is actually a dining table chair but we never use the dining table here. I miss my swivel chair from home.

last lipstick used: ...was probably actually eyeshadow, as ever, and will have been purple.

last underwear worn: Fairly nondescript and black.

last bra worn: Today's is purple, with sparkles.

last shirt worn: Currently wearing a loose black t-shirt with sparkles on the front. I like sparkles.

last time dancing: Last night to 'Seconds' by The Human League. I couldn't believe they played it and was in absolute electro heaven.

last poster looked at: I don't have any actual posters up in this room, but the wall in front of me is getting slowly more covered in Stuff. Including an extremely distracting piece of e-mail.

last webpage visited: Other than LJ, a picture of a cute goth boy that ali_in_london linked me to in e-mail a little while ago.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention that last night a certain gay and normally extremely cybery friend of friends and stalkage object was wearing what amounted to a suit and tie, and I nearly fell over from the shock and how damn good he looked. People should talk him into doing that more often. Mrow.


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