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"I guess you're just what I needed..."

("...I needed someone to bleed" happens to be the next line, but anyway.)

Gods, what an absolutely wonderful day.
I've kept trying to explain to my mum how good my day was, and have just ended up smiling at her lots and hugging myself. I am very happy.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was really stressed, horribly tense, headachy, tearful, nervy, exhausted. By Wednesday evening I was happy and in the arms of dennyd, which not only can't be bad, but is very very lovely indeed. 'Tis not a bad way to wake up either. ~smile~
And then, trains, briefly worrying about times and things but I had nothing to worry about, really.

I can remember exactly the last time I was so worried about meeting up with someone and had such a good and not-worrying time. I can remember it very well. This was lots and lots fluffier, though. ~g~
More people in the world should make little sounds of contentment, incidentally.
Then again, if more people did it, I wouldn't find it so special.
~purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ Reassured. Safe. Safe. Cuddled. Happy. And a little sleepy, now, because mum and I went out to see 'My Fair Lady' tonight.

"I'm a good girl, I am." ~grin~ (You have to have been there, really.)

First bike: First and only bike came on my 6th birthday, from my godmother. It took me ages to learn to ride it and when I did I loved it, but I was frightened away from bikes by falling off it at the top of a hill so steep it was almost a cliff. Ow. Much ow.
First Best friend: I don't remember any before the Infamous Tom Woolvett. It's a long story.
First real memory of something: Pretty flowers and trees in Australia, 15/17 months.
First car: No cars.
First partner: sparkyrie, when I was fourteen. Er. Thirteen? Fourteen. Something.
First date: With a small boy called Gareth. Much of it involved Games Workshop. I don't want to think about it. ~g~
First kiss: With sparkyie. And then not again for a long time. I've always been nervy about kisses, but it's much worse when you've been kissed by people you're not attracted to but who wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm starting to get over it. And with some people, it just comes naturally, another step up from a snuggle. Which is nice. :)
First break-up: Well I *suppose* you could count the guy who was technically my boyfriend for two days when I was nine. I broke up with him because he hit me for telling people I was going out with him - he was, of course, embarrassed, since I wasn't cool enough. I hit him back - hard. I think he got the message.
First job: Working in a charity shop. I could do that forever, I love it.
First screen name: Kheldara.
First self purchased album: Drivetime 2, I think.
First concert: Of mum's, before I was born. Pop concert would be Erasure at the Bournemouth International Centre. Erasure++
First funeral: That of my best friend.
First pet: Never really had a pet - I used to grow frogs in a bucket though. ~s~
First prime minister you voted for: Still not voting, even now I can.
First piercing/tattoo: Ears pierced once for my 13th birthday. Never again, ever, ever, ever, anything, anywhere, ever. ...well, you'd have to be really damn persuasive, anyway. No tattoos yet.
First independent home: Oh dear me no. :)
First house/flat: That'll be here then.
First credit card: Still don't have one.
First independent holiday: No, holidays are horrible things you go on with your parents, to hot places. Everything else is just life.
First love: Jamie Wakefield. Apparently he's a sk8er boi now. Sigh.
First enemy: I made a lot of enemies when I was young. I've no idea who I threw something at first though.

1. What colour is your hair naturally?
Dark blonde, though it's migrated through many shades of blonde in its time.

2. What colour is your hair now?
Dark blonde.

3. Where do you work / study?
I work, very occasionally, at a concert hall just off Oxford Street. I study wherever there are people I can talk to about music.

4. Do you enjoy it?
Yes, and yes.

5. Whats your favourite band?
Duran Duran/Erasure

6. What's your favourite colour?
Black, purple, and electric blue. Possibly not all at once though.

7. Do you say Harragut or Harrowgate?
Oddly, I've never thought about it, so of course now I think, I've not the faintest clue.

8. Have you ever stolen anything?
Heavens yes.

9. Would you ever sit in the home end at Valley Parade?
Could someone translate this for me please?

10. Have you ever smoked a cigar?

11. Do you have any pets?
Not really, no. I may be working on this, but I'm hoping it'll be a sort of mutual arrangement. ~g~

12. Have you got a teddy bear or similar?
I have many toys of a cuddly nature. Yesterday mum gave me the silliest one I have seen in a long time, a very small sheep wearing fluffy bunny slippers.

14. What do you wear to bed?
Nothing, usually. I take it 13 is an unlucky number then?

15. Bourbon or Digestive?
If it's a choice between those, digestive. But, ick.

16. Whats your star sign?
Gemini. Very.

17. Have you ever taken it up the wrong 'un?
~chuckles~ What is this 'wrong' of which you speak? And, no.

18. Vodka or Whiskey?

19. Whats your middle name?
Hannah. ~shudder~ Not keen.

20. Do you wear make up?

21. Ever had your stomach pumped?
No. I hope never to. Hospitals. No. No. No.

22. What's your local newspaper called?
Seaford Gazette.

23. Whats your favourite smell?
Vanilla, melting butter, that kind of thing. And safety. Um, sort of. Kittentired.

24. What make is your computer monitor?
~blinks at it~ There is writing on the thing, but I've no idea which bit of the writing is relevant.

25. Have you ever swung a punch in anger?
Goodness, yes. Oh yes. Many times. Not recently though.

26. Would you ever eat a guinea pig?

27. Would you shag the queen for a million quid?
I can't say I wouldn't be entertained by the thought, as well as entertaining it. I bet I'd be better than Prince Philip, anyway.
I didn't need that thought. I refuse to go to sleep on that thought.

I have a prettier thought pinned to my wall anyway. :)

Goodnight my loves. All of you.


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